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Attorney White has experience in many areas of law. You can trust him to act as your:

DUI attorney if you were accused of driving under the influence
Criminal defense attorney in a domestic violence, burglary or drug case
Traffic ticket defense attorney if you got a speeding or reckless driving ticket
Real estate attorney when you're buying a home or entering a dispute with your landlord

Whether you're facing serious DUI charges or need someone to create a lease for your rental property, you can count on attorney White. Set up a consultation today to get started.

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Your local defense attorney can make or break your case, so it's vital you hire someone you can count on. You can feel confident when you choose criminal justice attorney White because he:

  • Relies on over 24 years of experience
  • Is a member of the Indiana State Bar Association and the Virginia State Bar
  • Understands both sides of the law, having worked as a prosecutor and defense attorney
  • Has a bachelor's degree from Boston University and a Doctor of Law from Indiana University
  • Belongs to the National Association of Drug Court Professionals and the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Criminal charges don't have to lead to a conviction. If you need legal representation in Manassas, VA, turn to The Law Office of Guy F. White. Criminal justice attorney White will tirelessly fight for you in court and help you get a favorable outcome.