Don't Accept an Unfair Traffic Ticket

Don't Accept an Unfair Traffic Ticket

Connect with a traffic ticket defense attorney in Manassas, VA

If you received a traffic ticket, you may think you have no other option than to pay it. But if you believe the ticket is unfair, you can fight it. That's where The Law Office of Guy F. White comes in.

Traffic defense attorney White can help you fight various types of traffic citations, including speeding and reckless driving. Contact attorney White today to discuss your situation. While his law firm is based in Manassas, VA, he'll travel all over Virginia to take on traffic ticket defense cases.

Why should you hire a traffic defense attorney?

There's a lot more to traffic law than meets the eye. If you want to create a strong traffic ticket defense, you'll want to work with an experienced lawyer. Your traffic defense attorney:

  • Knows what documents need to be filed and the deadlines they must be filed by
  • Can identify any circumstantial or improperly obtained evidence to help your case
  • Will tell you your rights to help you avoid saying something that could hurt your case

Ready to hire a skilled attorney to help with your traffic case? Set up an appointment with attorney White today.